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Workflower streamlines internal ordering for one-off purchases at AZ Nikolaas


Your laptop is breaking down and you urgently need a new one. The supply of insulin pumps is almost depleted. The medication refrigerator is due for replacement. Toys are needed for the Saint Nicolas celebration. The list of items a hospital needs to order is virtually endless…

And the ordering procedures can be quite complex, especially when they are paper-based.  First, it takes a long time to complete the approval flow so the product can actually be ordered. Plus, the forms themselves can get lost or misplaced. And if a request gets stuck, you can’t see where the bottleneck is, or follow up on the status of approvals.

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Sint-Lucas hospital in Ghent automates eBirth registrations



Maternity ward nurses are dedicated to giving new mothers and their new-born babies the best care. Part of this includes dealing with administrative tasks, such as updating the electronic patient record (EPR) and registering every birth within 24 hours via the eBirth web service of the Belgian eHealth platform. Midwives must enter the administrative and medical data for each new-born into the EPR, and then do it a second time in the eHealth platform.
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Ghent University Hospital, supported by Amaron and Aucxis, has developed a proof-of-concept for the blood transfusion process in the emergency room

UZ Gent Bloedtransfusieproces

In collaboration with the Belgian Red Cross blood bank, the emergency department of Ghent University Hospital, together with Amaron and Aucxis, has developed a proof-of-concept for ordering and tracing blood products and monitoring blood transfusions. Amaron provides support for the processes with Workflower, while Aucxis integrates track & trace technology into the solution.

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Projectmanager and coach

Job description and responsibilities: 

As project manager, you will personally manage the larger Amaron projects, in hospitals or in cooperation with or for a partner.  As project coach, you will have additional leadership responsibilities for other projects. Your dual role will include: 

  • Tactical project management:
    • Sales support, project prioritisation, short- & mid-term resource management, project dependencies, risk management
  • Operational project management:
    • Optimisation, follow-up, communication & training of the Amaron project methodology and accompanying deliverables (tools, templates, governance, knowledge-sharing, etc.)
    • Management of methodology continuity & efficiency, and follow-up of project progression
    • Centralised quality control
  • Training & coaching on:
    • Project management
    • Project content delivery (deliverables, project approach, communication, documentation, etc.)
    • Amaron employee competences & skills orientation
  • Guidance and direction for changes that the company wants to realise, in order to reflect the Amaron strategy and culture within the project organisation.


  • You have completed a programme of further education (economics, commercial engineer, industrial engineer, business studies, computer science, etc.).
  • You have a solid experience of at least 5 years in project management in the healthcare sector, including 5 or more “large-scale” national or international projects (3 to 6 months turnaround time).
  • You have experience in coaching people.
  • Familiarity with project methodology (PRINCE2 or PMBOK) and/or knowledge of connectivity, integration of software systems and work processes in hospitals is an asset.
  • You are social, customer-focused and communicative.
  • You are a team player, but can also demonstrate your situational leadership and coaching skills.
  • As this position involves frequent contact with clients, you must be able to express yourself clearly in Dutch, French and English.

Our offer:

  • A position where you will play a direct role in Amaron’s continued growth
  • The opportunity to make an impact within the company
  • A young, dynamic, no-nonsense yet relaxed environment
  • A positive, people-oriented approach, in which every personality can make a difference
  • Commensurate compensation, including a company car and fringe benefits

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Business Developer – IT Systems Integration


As a Business Developer in healthcare integrations, your role will involve: 

  • supporting hospitals in complex integration issues;
  • monitoring national and international integration standards (KMEHR, HL7, IHE, DICOM, XDS…);
  • translating these into concrete and feasible solutions (design, development and support), in close cooperation with the rest of the team;
  • supporting the sales department;
  • In addition, you will search for integration-related services with which the company can strengthen its presence among existing clients.


  • You have completed a programme of further education (economics, marketing, business studies, computer science…) and have thorough knowledge of the integration standards in the healthcare sector.
  • You have strong analytical skills and subject every market opportunity to the SMART principle.
  • You are social, customer-focused and communicative.
  • Given the frequent client contacts, you must be able to express yourself clearly in Dutch, French and English.


  • Position with direct impact on Amaron’s continued growth
  • Opportunity to make an impact within the company.
  • A young, dynamic, no-nonsense yet relaxed environment.
  • Positive, people-oriented attitude where every personality has a place.
  • Commensurate salary, along with a company car and fringe benefits.

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Amaron strengthens collaboration with VANAD Enovation

Amaron and Vanad Enovation sign collaboration agreement

On 30 November 2017, Amaron and Dutch company VANAD Enovation signed a cooperation agreement. The companies will join forces on two fronts: VANAD Enovation will offer Amaron’s Workflower portfolio to its broad customer base in the Netherlands, while Amaron will offer and support VANAD Enovation’s xdsConnect exchange platform to its own customers in Belgium.

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Cerner signs contract with Amaron for the integration of its EHR with eHealth

We’re proud to announce that Amaron has entered into partnership with Cerner, a global leading healthcare technology company. Both companies are cooperating around the electronic health record (EHR) projects at the University Hospitals of Antwerp (UZA) and Gent (UZ Gent) and the Sint-Lucas Hospital Gent (AZ Sint-Lucas Gent). The partnership is an important step in the realisation of eHealth and the data exchange with the different eHealth platforms in Belgium.

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HL7 launches FHIR release 3

In March 2017, HL7 published the new FHIR Release 3 specification. It is the result of a lot of investment by the FHIR community, with hundreds of people processing more than 2400 change proposals over 18 months.

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Emmaüs hospital creates stable, controllable and budget-friendly communication environment with Mirth

Communication between different applications – both administrative and healthcare – was often fraught with difficulties for the hospitals of the Emmaüs care network in Belgium. And yet the existing communication platform carried a heavy price tag. The hospital group worked together with Amaron to find a future-proof and cost-efficient solution.

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Sint-Rembert and Sint-Augustinus hospitals share powerful MRI scanner… and Amaron takes care of the interfaces

In July, two Belgian hospitals – Sint-Rembert hospital in Torhout and Sint-Augustinus hospital in Veurne – jointly put into service a 6000-kg MRI with a 3-Tesla magnetic field. The more powerful the MRI magnetic field, the sharper the images, enabling visualization of back or brain injuries at an early stage. To house this powerful MRI, installed at the site in Veurne, a bunker had to be built to prevent other electronics in the hospital from being impacted. At the same time, the two hospitals’ RIS and PACS, from different suppliers, had to be integrated. The project was an ideal fit for Amaron.

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