Amaron and Vanad Enovation sign collaboration agreement

On 30 November 2017, Amaron and Dutch company VANAD Enovation signed a cooperation agreement. The companies will join forces on two fronts: VANAD Enovation will offer Amaron’s Workflower portfolio to its broad customer base in the Netherlands, while Amaron will offer and support VANAD Enovation’s xdsConnect exchange platform to its own customers in Belgium.

Endless application possibilities

VANAD Enovation has a long history using Cloverleaf in the domain of application integration. Based on this experience, VANAD Enovation has seen a shift from application integration to process-driven information. With Workflower from Amaron, VANAD Enovation can offer, in addition to Cloverleaf, an innovative platform for streamlining business processes and data at healthcare institutions. This creates endless application possibilities in the field of care processes, administrative and logistical processes, human resources management and eHealth.

Standards-based exchange of data

Amaron, for its part, will offer and support the xdsConnect platform for its Belgian projects and customers. xdsConnect enables the safe exchange of medical information using IHE standards. While the platform has proven itself in the Netherlands, it is also being used already in Belgium; for example, Abrumet has implemented the solution to exchange medical information between hospitals.

In recent years Amaron has built up in-depth knowledge in the field of integration standards. We are now ready to put this knowledge to work for the Belgian market. “With the establishment of IHE Belgium, a new wind is blowing through the Belgian healthcare IT landscape, and the time has come to fully utilise our knowledge of the standards,” says Maurice Van Kerkhoven, CEO of Amaron. “With VANAD Enovation’s xdsConnect, we are fully committed to the standardised and secure exchange of medical data.”

“We believe in better care through effectively connected care organisations, healthcare providers and patients; this is a vision we share with Amaron,” says Jeroen van Rijswijk of VANAD Enovation. “We are therefore very pleased to strengthen our cooperation with Amaron in the Netherlands and Belgium, and, perhaps in the longer term, in other countries in Europe.”


About VANAD Enovation

For 35 years, VANAD Enovation has been the healthcare communication player in the Netherlands. The company’s 100 experienced employees know the healthcare sector through and through. Every day, they implement new integrations based on international healthcare ICT standards, such as HL7, FHIR, XML, EDIFACT, etc. VANAD Enovation provides healthcare organisations with solutions for all their exchange and integration needs, and works closely with the software system suppliers.