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Sint-Lucas hospital in Ghent automates eBirth registrations



Maternity ward nurses are dedicated to giving new mothers and their new-born babies the best care. Part of this includes dealing with administrative tasks, such as updating the electronic patient record (EPR) and registering every birth within 24 hours via the eBirth web service of the Belgian eHealth platform. Midwives must enter the administrative and medical data for each new-born into the EPR, and then do it a second time in the eHealth platform.
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Cerner signs contract with Amaron for the integration of its EHR with eHealth

We’re proud to announce that Amaron has entered into partnership with Cerner, a global leading healthcare technology company. Both companies are cooperating around the electronic health record (EHR) projects at the University Hospitals of Antwerp (UZA) and Gent (UZ Gent) and the Sint-Lucas Hospital Gent (AZ Sint-Lucas Gent). The partnership is an important step in the realisation of eHealth and the data exchange with the different eHealth platforms in Belgium.

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