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Emmaüs hospital creates stable, controllable and budget-friendly communication environment with Mirth

Communication between different applications – both administrative and healthcare – was often fraught with difficulties for the hospitals of the Emmaüs care network in Belgium. And yet the existing communication platform carried a heavy price tag. The hospital group worked together with Amaron to find a future-proof and cost-efficient solution.

Koen Verbeeck, ICT Manager Applications and Development for Emmaüs explains:

“Firstly, the license and maintenance costs of the communication server were extremely high. On top of this, we couldn’t manage and configure the data streams ourselves, so every quarter, our third-party supplier would charge an additional cost. Finally, the platform was not stable and could not guarantee an optimal and correct communication. Each day, our helpdesk would receive notifications of blocked messages, interrupted data streams, etc.”

Emmaüs decided, together with its partner Amaron, to solve these problems by implementing Mirth. The project involved Amaron migrating all data streams, and setting up new data streams first in a test environment, and then in a live environment. In total, this involved some 150 data streams. Each was configured and optimized for communication with the Othello application, enabling Emmaüs to save another 10.000 euros. The project scope also included training of the team and knowledge transfer.

A very strict deadline was put forward, with the kick-off on October 22, 2015. The two partners agreed to migrate the data streams in the Duffel domain by end-2015, and the flows in the Zoersel domain by end-February 2016. These deadlines were successfully met!

“What’s more, everything has been realized within the agreed budget, without any surprises! We now have a stable and controllable communication environment at our disposal, for a reasonable price. We also have in-house knowledge of the product, a reliable system and, bottom line, happy customers and staff!”

“Thanks to the professional support by Amaron and a motivated ICT team that made considerable contributions, this has become a flagship project for our organisation!”

Koen Verbeeck, ICT Manager Applications and Development