Connectivity & ehealth

Get more out of your existing ICT infrastructure: make sure that all the different information systems your organisation uses are working together optimally and exchange data with external parties in a safe way.

Workflower process automation

Streamline and automate processes in your care enterprise—across domains, disciplines and IT systems. Help your teams work together more efficiently, with fewer manual administrative tasks.

Secure data access for external parties

With our robust algorithms, you can anonymise or pseudonymise data with minimal effort, regardless of whether the data is structured or non-structured.

And we can help you streamline the processes that govern data exchange. We do all of this in consultation with the DPO and in accordance with your institution’s security protocols.


brainstorm low code

Low-code: quickly build solutions for your healthcare institution with a minimum of programming work

With Workflower, you can build applications yourself with little programming knowledge. You increase the flexibility of your organisation and can digitise processes, even if there is not enough capacity within your organisation to develop software.
26 October 2022/by amaron
Connect. Collaborate. Care.

New slogan for Amaron

Connectivity, or interoperability, has long been Amaron’s focus. Our previous slogan 'Healthcare IT Integration' made this clear, but it didn’t go far enough. Today, we do so much more, so it was high time to launch a new slogan that better describes and summarises what we now stand for.
26 October 2022/by amaron
veilig medische data delen

LynxCare counts on Amaron for secure and efficient data access

LynxCare has built an AI platform with the goal of generating all kinds of relevant insights that can improve patient care and stimulate research. But to power this platform, you need data. lots of data...
20 June 2022/by amaron
MDO-portaal Noord-Nederland

Northern Netherlands region builds digital multidisciplinary consultation (MDC) platform with Workflower

To support the complex MDC process, a dedicated platform has been created in the Northern Netherlands using Workflower. A three-hospital pilot project has shown that Workflower can be used to set up an effective platform in a relatively short time—without requiring extensive development.
15 June 2022/by amaron

New: Workflower apps – quick and easy deployment for every care organisation

Every hospital has its own unique, organisation-specific work processes. But at the same time, there are processes that are nearly identical across different facilities. Workflower applications that have been created to manage these processes in one hospital, can thus be effortlessly implemented in others.
15 May 2022/by amaron
preoperatieve consultatie

Contact person receives sms when patient is back in their room after surgery

On March 15, AZ Alma launched a project that made patients, employees and families very happy. From now on, the contact person for a patient will receive a text message when they return to their room after a medical procedure.
15 April 2022/by amaron

Secure data access for external parties

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are opening up unprecedented opportunities in healthcare. But these new technologies also pose a wide array of challenges, including around privacy and liability. Two techniques that can help you make data accessible to external parties in a responsible manner, are anonymisation and pseudonymisation.
15 March 2022/by amaron
Isolatiekaart infectieziekten

Workflower reduces workloads for the infection prevention team

The AZ Sint-Jan hospital in Bruges chose Workflower to fully automate its process for infection prevention: from assigning isolation tasks to carrying out follow-up screenings. The nursing units now have all the information they need, in real time, to take the appropriate action, giving the Infection Prevention Team more time to assist caregivers on the work floor with practical advice.
15 February 2022/by amaron
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