General connectivity

Get more out of your existing IT infrastructure, and ensure your organisation’s various information systems work together optimally.


Exchange data automatically and securely with national and regional e-health platforms – regardless of which information systems you use.
(only available in Belgium)

Workflow process integration

Streamline your healthcare organisation’s workflows and processes across the different domains, disciplines and IT systems.


FHIR brandweerman

Set your care organization on FHIR!

In the care sector’s current context, traditional data exchange standards, such as HL7 and DICOM, continue to play a critical role. But there is also FHIR – the new HL7 standard that is rapidly gaining ground. With Amaron’s FHIR Station, we can now set your healthcare organization on FHIR, too.
24 November 2021/by amaron

Clinic Saint Jean chooses the Amaron EAI platform with standardized HL7 processor

The existing Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) environment at the Clinic Saint Jean in Brussels no longer met the needs of the hospital. The system was not sufficiently open, and its continuity was not guaranteed. So, the hospital decided to phase out its old EAI and replace it with an open and standardized solution from a supplier who can deliver maximum support.
24 October 2021/by amaron

MPI Matchmaker ensures error-free fusion of patient data

When hospitals decide to merge or to establish collaborations, this always has far-reaching implications for the information infrastructure of the hospitals involved. The first step is to merge the patient files. Only after a time will you then consolidate, step-by-step, the information systems themselves. This was also the method chosen for the fusion of the ZOL Genk hospital in Genk with the Maas & Kempen hospital in Maaseik. Using the Workflower app “MPI Matchmaker”, this time-consuming process could be automated to a large extent.
23 October 2021/by amaron
workflower vaccinatie-oplossing

Registering employee and patient vaccinations: Workflower vaccination solution 2.0

In early 2021, we rolled out a Workflower solution which allows hospitals to register their employees' vaccinations. This vaccination data is secured and automatically transmitted to Vaccinnet. This process also makes it possible for healthcare organizations to see the vaccination rates of their employees at any given moment.
15 September 2021/by amaron
Amaron Notification Center

AZ Sint-Lucas reminds patients of their appointments using the Amaron Notification Center

AZ Sint-Lucas in Ghent has started using a new electronic patient record. Because this EPR does not include a solution for reminding patients of their appointments via SMS, the hospital’s IT Department, together with Amaron, has set up a Workflower solution – the Amaron Notification Center. The greatest advantage of this generic solution is that you can use it to send out all kinds of messages and you can configure almost everything yourself.
20 July 2021/by amaron

Central lending service at Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier deploys Workflower for managing nursing equipment

To use the available nursing equipment efficiently and to avoid losing track of equipment, Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier works with a central lending service. A Workflower process ensures that the management of requests for additional resources runs efficiently. The departments quickly find the material they need, and at the lending service they know exactly where each device is located.
25 June 2021/by amaron

Headaches from managing loaner sets?

In Workflower, we have developed a basic process that allows you to avoid the numerous pitfalls in this process. To further refine this scenario, we invite you to have a conversation with us, so that together we can devise the perfect use case for your hospital.
26 May 2021/by amaron
Amaron Superhero

Amaron accelerates growth with capital injection

To achieve our plans for continued growth both at home and abroad, Amaron has enlisted two investors: HERAN Partners and Active Capital. An initial 2-million-euro capital injection provides us with the oxygen we need to turbocharge our growth plans and substantially expand our workforce.
11 March 2021/by amaron
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We constantly strive to be an extension of your organisation. In close consultation with you, we look for the most suitable solution, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.


Our team develops a solution tailored to your organisation and helps you roll it out in the best possible way, on time and within the budget.


We organise various training courses:
Training for application managers
Training for end users
Advanced technical training
(for IT employees)
Do you need a specific training? We can do that too.


Once our solution is operational within your organisation, we can also offer technical support. Is there a problem with the system or the developed interfaces that you can’t manage? If so, don’t hesitate to call our support team.


Amaron is the absolute number 1 provider in Belgium when it comes to connectivity in the healthcare sector. In the Netherlands and France too, more and more hospitals and service providers in the healthcare sector are seeing the advantages of Amaron. Thanks to their experience and expertise, in close cooperation with your organisation, the Amaron team can implement projects faster with better results and on a smaller budget.