Connectivity & ehealth

Get more out of your existing ICT infrastructure: make sure that all the different information systems your organisation uses are working together optimally and exchange data with external parties in a safe way.

Workflower process automation

Streamline and automate processes in your care enterprise—across domains, disciplines and IT systems. Help your teams work together more efficiently, with fewer manual administrative tasks.

Secure data access for external parties

With our robust algorithms, you can anonymise or pseudonymise data with minimal effort, regardless of whether the data is structured or non-structured.

And we can help you streamline the processes that govern data exchange. We do all of this in consultation with the DPO and in accordance with your institution’s security protocols.


FHIR Station

FHIR Station: a central point of contact for controlled and secure data disclosure

The FHIR Station gives you a central point of contact to unlock various data sources in your healthcare organisation for applications and services that support FHIR. Equipped with a strict security framework, the FHIR Station allows you to take the necessary measures to ensure patient privacy and data security.
6 March 2023/by amaron

Patients are better informed, thanks to cooperation between Spryng and Amaron

To help hospitals and healthcare organisations further increase their efficiency, we have integrated Spryng's SMS services into the Notification Center.
27 February 2023/by amaron

Amaron achieves ISO 27001 en NEN 7510 certification in one move

Since 31 January we have two new quality certificates: ISO 27001 & NEN 7510. This achievement gives our customers and partners the confidence of knowing that we work in accordance with the highest information security standards.
7 February 2023/by amaron
Workflower Notification Center breidt uit

Workflower Notification Center: more options for even more flexibility

In this article, you will read more about the rich configuration possibilities and the latest features of the Workflower Notification Center. New features include the ability to send messages in multiple languages, and to vary them depending on the situation.
7 December 2022/by amaron

OLV Hospital in Aalst works on widely deployable solution for de-identification and pseudonymisation

OLV Aalst is collaborating with Amaron to develop a generic solution: one that can be deployed in different scenarios, and that leaves nothing to chance in terms of data privacy.
7 December 2022/by amaron
brainstorm low code

Low-code: quickly build solutions for your healthcare institution with a minimum of programming work

With Workflower, you can build applications yourself with little programming knowledge. You increase the flexibility of your organisation and can digitise processes, even if there is not enough capacity within your organisation to develop software.
26 October 2022/by amaron
Connect. Collaborate. Care.

New slogan for Amaron

Connectivity, or interoperability, has long been Amaron’s focus. Our previous slogan 'Healthcare IT Integration' made this clear, but it didn’t go far enough. Today, we do so much more, so it was high time to launch a new slogan that better describes and summarises what we now stand for.
26 October 2022/by amaron
veilig medische data delen

LynxCare counts on Amaron for secure and efficient data access

LynxCare has built an AI platform with the goal of generating all kinds of relevant insights that can improve patient care and stimulate research. But to power this platform, you need data. lots of data...
20 June 2022/by amaron
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Amaron is the absolute number 1 provider in Belgium when it comes to connectivity in the healthcare sector. In the Netherlands and France too, more and more hospitals and service providers in the healthcare sector are seeing the advantages of Amaron. Thanks to their experience and expertise, in close cooperation with your organisation, the Amaron team can implement projects faster with better results and on a smaller budget.


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