Connectivity & ehealth

Get more out of your existing ICT infrastructure: make sure that all the different information systems your organisation uses are working together optimally and exchange data with external parties in a safe way.

Workflower process automation

Streamline and automate processes in your care enterprise—across domains, disciplines and IT systems. Help your teams work together more efficiently, with fewer manual administrative tasks.

FHIR Station

Set your organisation on FHIR !

Ready for the data accessibility of tomorrow

With our FHIR Station, you have a central point of contact to unlock various data sources in your healthcare organisation for applications and services that support FHIR.

Your organisation is prepared for the data exchanges of the future:

  • exchange with other healthcare facilities
  • data sharing with the public authorities
  • communication with patients
  • interaction with (mobile) health apps …


FHIR Amaron

FHIR in practice: some concrete applications

FHIR is becoming THE standard to unlock healthcare data. Our customers and the Belgian government are rushing to jump on the train. And we at Amaron are here to assist them in making that jump in a safe and controlled way. Concrete FHIR projects include Ghent University Hospital with CoZo, the hospitals of the E17 network, several laboratories and the AZ Alma hospital.
22 January 2024/by amaron
sms no-show

What if your patient does not show up for an appointment?

AZ Groeninge patients who miss an appointment without a valid reason now automatically receive a text message. This ensures they know that they can be charged additional compensation. More importantly, they also better understand that their behaviour prevents other patients from being helped.
30 November 2023/by amaron
Aanmeldproces Karakter

Karakter goes live with digital registration process for new clients

Thanks to the digital registration process, employees and clients (the young people or their representatives) can log in efficiently and securely, and complete questionnaires. This helps save the employees of Karakter Child and Adolescent Psychiatry a lot of time, clients can register faster, and there is less risk of errors.
20 November 2023/by amaron

Headaches from managing loaner sets?

UZ Gent has digitised the process for managing loan sets with Workflower. The OR team knows the exact status of an order, and if something threatens to go wrong somewhere, timely action can be taken. The result is a time-savings of 25 minutes on average per order!
13 November 2023/by amaron

UZ Gent processes digital prescriptions and medication reservations with Workflower

The University Hospital of Ghent's hospital pharmacy uses a Workflower application to retrieve and process prescriptions in Recip-e*. When prescribed drugs are out of stock, they can now be reserved with the push of a button. Everything is traceable, from order to delivery.
6 November 2023/by amaron

New in Workflower!

Over the past few months, we have put a lot of work into further expanding the Workflower platform with new functionalities, with a strong focus on usability. What can you expect?
6 November 2023/by amaron

Vulnerability in Mirth Connect

In late October, the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) issued an alert about a major vulnerability in NextGen Healthcare's Mirth Connect software. To address this vulnerability, NextGen Healthcare has provided a patch in Mirth Connect version 4.4.1. However, it may not be realistic to upgrade all affected systems in the short term. Therefore, Amaron is providing alternative solutions.
31 October 2023/by amaron
Safe data exchange

Exchange data with external parties in a secure and controlled way: one central solution for all your projects

Healthcare organisations are increasingly called upon to share data securely with external parties. Our comprehensive solution allows you to set up all kinds of data access projects and share data in HL7, FHIR or another format, quickly and systematically.
10 July 2023/by amaron
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