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Clinic Saint Jean chooses the Amaron EAI platform with standardized HL7 processor

The existing Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) environment at the Clinic Saint Jean in Brussels no longer met the needs of the hospital. The system was not sufficiently open, and its continuity was not guaranteed.  So, the hospital decided to phase out its old EAI and replace it with an open and standardized solution from a supplier who can relieve them of a substantial portion of their workload.

““Amaron brought us the experience needed to fully facilitate our integration processes.”
Georges Lheureux, Applications Team Leader at Clinic Saint Jean

Structured and standardized EAI environment

The Amaron ADT processor now ensures that patient demographics data, just like their movements, are exchanged from the hospital information system (HIS) with all the systems that need the data. Compliance with the privacy and GDPR regulations is, of course, guaranteed.

Technically speaking,

  • the processor will translate the HL7 ADT and MFN flows from the source system (the WISH HIS) and write them, in a structured manner, to a standardized database structure.
  • Then, the messages to the receiving systems can be enriched with that data. The receiving systems at Clinic Saint Jean include the CliniWeb patient record system that was developed in-house, the EPR Nurse application from ZORGI (Xperthis/Infohos), ORLine (surgical ward), Astraia (obstetrics), Foodware (meal distribution), Diablink etc.

In addition to the ADT processor, Amaron also offers an equivalent solution for SIU messages (related to appointments) and ORU messages (results).


The Amaron EAI platform ensures that all communication occurs according to the IHE integration profiles. This way, a solid foundation already exists for exchanging data according to the FHIR standard which is expected to be ubiquitous in the future.

Another benefit is that the messages are “translated” into logical events, which in turn can be used to control Workflower processes.

Customized support

Hospitals can start working with their EAIs themselves. If necessary, hospital employees can obtain training in this at the Amaron Academy.

But, of course, our customers also have the option to outsource as much of their workload as possible to us. In the case of Clinic Saint Jean, we have set up the new environment and performed the migration. We also act as a central point of contact and coordinate the collaboration with the hospital’s other suppliers of ICT systems.

In parallel, one of the employees of Clinic Saint Jean completed our on-the-job training. This training has already yielded its first fruits; the hospital has, in the meantime, set up its own first integration itself.

Did you know …

Did you know that in Wallonia, the MOVE network, a group of six hospitals under the CHC Liège umbrella, has recently started to roll out the Amaron EAI environment?

Altogether, there are already some 70 healthcare institutions in Belgium that entrust the communication amongst their various applications to the Amaron EAI platform.

Are you considering setting up a modern, future-proof EAI environment just like these hospitals did? Then please contact us at info@amaron.be.