Customised Business Process Management for the healthcare sector*

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Hospitals are increasingly working in a process-driven manner, in part due to the pressure of quality systems. Technologies such as Business Process Management (BPM) can be a solution when automating these processes, but until now it has almost exclusively been the major players who offered such tools and services.

For hospitals, it is frequently not financially feasible to team up with such partners. Furthermore, this is not always desirable because the hospital environment requires an entirely different approach, an approach with which the major players aren’t always familiar.

“Because we are in such close proximity to our customers, we can automate processes in the health care sector in an innovative manner.”
Tom De Caluwé, director of Amaron

As an integrator at numerous hospitals, Amaron is aware of this need like no other. For this reason, it developed Workflower, a professional BPM software specific to the healthcare sector. With Workflower, hospitals can define, document and implement their processes at all levels, whether for patient data, invoice information or study results…

However, it was a true challenge for our team to make the switch from a purely service-oriented company to one that launches products on the market itself. In order to make this switch a lasting one, we hired coach Maarten Laga from Innotek. We covered many miles together and worked out our marketing and strategy down to the last detail.

And we are proud of the result… Since the launch of Workflower in June 2015, there are dozens of clients, both national and international, who have a project running with Workflower. You will hear more about this soon. So keep an eye on our blog…

* Workflower is only available in Belgium and the Netherlands.