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Data from monitoring systems ends up in the medical record and is immediately available to each healthcare provider

Mobile spot check monitoring systems register several vital signs of patients who have been admitted to the hospital. It is crucial that this data also flows to the electronic patient record and that this is done in a structured and flexible way.

Three Nexuzhealth hospitals – AZ Sint-Lucas in Bruges, AZ Groeninge and AZ Sint-Blasius – have utilised Amaron to achieve integration. Amaron’s solution ensures that HL7 messages from the Philips spot check monitoring systems are automatically translated to codes customised for the Nexuz Clinical Work Station (KWS). This means that the information ends up in the medical record, exactly where it belongs. 

Do you use monitoring systems from another supplier?

Whether you’re using a Philips device or a device from another vendor does not matter. We can deploy exactly the same functionality which allows the data to flow in a structured manner from any monitoring system to your medical records.