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Workflower automates registration of admissions to Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier


The correct registration and follow-up of hospital admissions is quite a complex administrative matter. The process starts as soon as the treating physician makes an appointment for an admission, operation or treatment and ends when the patient arrives at the hospital and the admission is registered. If an appointment is postponed or cancelled, the puzzle becomes even more complex. Perhaps you need to adjust the scheduling in the operating ward, or the bed occupancy planning is no longer correct… To get everything properly organized and to allow the information to flow between the various departments, you start calling around, here and there and everywhere. Before you know it, you and your colleagues have lost a whole chunk of your day.




Together with Amaron, the Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier, which until recently used a paper admission form, has mapped out the entire admission process. Now, all the departments involved – admissions, the nursing units, the physicians etc. – use a digital form for registering the admissions. The exchange of data takes place in real time. That way, everyone is always up to date on the current status and informed of any changes. The chance of errors is reduced, and the patients can count on a better experience.

Wat vinden de gebruikers?

“Workflower provides us with so much more than an admission’s slip. With Workflower, we have an electronic guide that takes us through the entire admissions process and ensures that relevant data is exchanged between the relevant departments in real time. Our employees couldn’t live without this solution anymore. And an admission that runs smoothly is definitely an important first step toward a satisfied patient.”

Johan Engels, Application Management, Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier

“With the new system, the time-savings is 50% for each admission. We are now working with a standardized form, which includes, for example, a fixed list of procedures and treatments. The presentation of the information is much clearer and more structured than before. The system also requires you to enter all the necessary information. This information is then available at the right time to everyone who needs it. And, we receive far fewer phone calls.”

Jos Pauwels, Admissions and Reception Department Manager, Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier



How it works

  • The physician registers the admission and the accompanying data, for example the reason for the admission or the medical data. He/she then retrieves the patient data from the hospital’s administrative system, or from the government, using the national registry number and an eHealth interface.
  • The patient receives a printed summary of the admission details.
  • If the patient is not yet known in the hospital’s administrative system, the admissions department creates an administrative file for the patient. If the data has changed since the patient’s last visit, this department will make the relevant changes.
  • For outpatients, the pre-registration is booked directly. For patients admitted for a longer stay, this only occurs a few days before the admission or procedure.
  • For patients undergoing surgery, the data is also forwarded to the preoperative platform. The preoperative platform is thereby updated with the procedures that are planned.
  • In the case of total hip or knee replacements, a care path for the follow-up of the preoperative examinations is also initiated.
  • The operating ward uses the registered electronic admission slips as the basis for the department’s planning.
  • The physician, the relevant secretaries or the admissions department may modify or cancel the admissions (schedule) at any time. All parties involved are then immediately informed when further action is needed. If the physician wishes, he or she may also contact social services.

Technologies used

  •  ADT HL7 interfaces for the exchange of the most recent patient information and for the registration of the admission
  • the eHealth consultRN service for querying patient data
  • the interface with the preop.be platform for the follow-up of the medical history in the case of surgical procedures
  • the connectivity solution for the receipt (and possible transformation) of the data that controls these processes
  • Workflower, as a control center, ensuring that activities (tasks, messages, timers) are carried out and monitored


  • 50% time-savings per admission
  • Information available to all involved parties in real time
  • Less calling around and a reduced risk of errors
  • better experience for the patient

Interested or have questions?

Then please contact us (info@amaron.be or call +32 51 62 73 20).