IHE is preparing for the challenges of tomorrow

Every successful business started out small. That also applies to Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE). But since its founding in 1997, IHE has evolved into a worldwide initiative that advances interoperability of information systems in the health care sector.

IHE is a worldwide alliance between users and software suppliers aimed at standardising and harmonising information exchange between computer systems in the healthcare sector.

Over the years, IHE International has developed into a ‘mature’ organisation with 700 member organisations. Together, they represent 45 countries and 13 domains of clinical and operational expertise. Furthermore, there are 22 national and regional organisations that facilitate the rollout of IHE specifications.

In addition to the publication of technical frameworks, which serve as a guideline for implementation in an organisation, IHE International oversees programmes for evaluating the conformity and development of test tools. They also focus on training and coaching. Once a year, IHE USA, IHE Japan and IHE Europa organise a Connectathon. During a Connectathon, developers at software suppliers test each other’s software to check conformity with the IHE profiles.

In order to reinforce its growing role, the IHE board has announced a campaign aimed at developing a more robust organisation, an organisation that is prepared for the challenges of tomorrow: IHE’s 2020 Vision.

Building on the foundations laid in the past, IHE’s 2020 Vision aims to:

  • increase stakeholders’ commitment;
  • promote awareness of IHE profiles and their application;
  • strengthen support for members, committees and the organisations that handle implementation of the IHE specifications;
  • broaden test services aimed at optimising products (and their rollout);
  • improve the organisation’s independence and its financial standing.
    In July 2015, IHE introduced a new membership model. Each member now makes a financial contribution according to the type of organisation and its size.

Source: http://www.ihe.net/2020Vision/