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Karakter goes live with digital registration process for new clients

Aanmeldproces Karakter

Karakter Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, a leading academic institution with 12 branches across the Netherlands, approached us with a challenging mission: to digitise the registration process for new clients – within a tight deadline.

Our Workflower team immediately got to work, and set up a user-friendly process to make registration as easy as possible. At the end of September, this process went live and the benefits were immediately clear. Karakter staff and clients (the young people or their representatives) can log in and complete questionnaires, efficiently and securely. This saves significant time for staff, speeds up registration for the clients, and reduces the risk of errors.

“Working with Amaron is very pleasant! It is an expert and customer-oriented vendor that values quality.”
Maarten Calen, Senior consultant at M&I/Partners

How does the digital registration process work?

Altogether, this process will support some 3,000 applications per year, from referral, through screening, to enrolment.

>> Registering new clients:

  • When a referral comes in via ZorgDomein*, a new registration process is automatically started in Workflower. Relevant data, including the referral letter, is taken from the digital referral. Referrals received by phone, e-mail or letter, can also be started manually.
  • The internal approval process is initiated: the registration office verifies the administrative information and evaluates the urgency of the referral: can the standard flow be followed, or is an urgent procedure needed?
  • The staff member then registers the young person in Karakter’s EPR, and contacts them (or their representative). They are asked to complete a questionnaire so that Karakter has the necessary basic data. This can be done digitally or non-digitally (by post).

* ZorgDomein is the Dutch healthcare platform that allows referring physicians (general practitioners, etc.) to easily and completely digitally refer their patients for various types of follow-up care, such as medical specialists, paramedical practices or mental health services.

>> Client questionnaire:

  • When the young person or their representative is able to complete the questionnaire digitally, a Workflower account is automatically created for them. They receive an e-mail with login details, and can then answer the questions. The login process supports 2FA authentication and includes a procedure for forgotten passwords.
    If the questionnaire is not completed in time, the young person (or representative) receives a reminder.
  • Anyone who cannot complete the questionnaire digitally receives it by post.

>> Screening and enrolment:

  • Based on the completed questionnaire, Karakter evaluates the application and accepts or rejects it. A decision may also be made to request additional information before accepting the application and enrolling the client.
  • After acceptance, the young person or their representative will receive a new questionnaire (digitally or by post) asking them to agree to treatment within Karakter.

“I am really proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. It has shown me that if you work in a clear, structured way with a dot on the horizon, there is a lot that can be done.”
Project officer at Karakter


  • Questionnaires are set up and can be presented to the client/legal representative/relevant internal parties. The data can be reused in other questionnaires.
  • The client and legal representative can log in easily and securely.
  • The tasks for the client/legal representative and internal parties are set up in the workflow.
  • The information from the referral from Zorgdomein (and other source systems) can be read and (re)used.
  • The process can be used as a communication tool to retrieve and share information with clients/legal representatives and involved internal parties.
  • The client/legal representative can share the required information by uploading documentation or completing questionnaires, the results of which are stored in the interim.
  • The parties involved are automatically notified when they need to do something in the workflow.

What are the benefits?

Staff are extremely happy that they have fewer manual tasks, such as sending emails, making follow-up calls, checking things manually, maintaining Excel lists, sending reminders, etc. They have more room for core tasks and more meaningful work.

All communication takes place via the application. Duplicate operations, such as duplicate data entry, are eliminated, reducing the risk of errors. Automated alerts and reminders help prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks.

Uniform way of working:
All branches of Karakter now work in a consistent way, making processes more efficient and enrolling young people faster.

Data is collected in a smooth manner, and can be reused. The information is insightful for everyone involved. Handy summary lists contribute to more effective decision-making.

Security and compliance:
Access to patient data is strictly secured, and everything within the process complies with all current privacy regulations.

“I enjoyed the project because everyone involved was very thoughtful and cooperative, and it really felt like a joint achievement.”
Karakter project officer

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