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More than 30 institutions are already making data accessible through CoZo, with the help of Amaron


CoZo, the Collaboratief Zorgplatform [Collaborative Care Platform], has become Flanders’ largest hub for making medical results accessible. Increasing numbers of caregivers are using CoZo, and the platform is gaining prominence with patients as well. More and more hospitals and organisations turn to us to help them make their patients’ results accessible through this platform—securely and with respect for patient privacy. 

Sharing data with CoZo

More than 30 organisations already count on Amaron to unlock data for CoZo. Our solution ensures that their patients are known to the platform, and that all the systems with results (results servers, EPRs and subsystems) are connected.

For subsystems that cannot be queried, we can set up an intermediate database to store results in a standardised and structured way.

Plus, you can share data with the database in FHIR format, so you are ready for the future, when the Belgian government (and others) imposes FHIR as the standard for sharing results.

Live queries

CoZo users can view all available results, across institutions and care providers. CoZo itself does not store patient results but makes them available via live queries to the connected institutions. Keep in mind that care providers can only view medical results if the patient has given informed consent and if there is an active treatment relationship between the care provider and the patient.

In other words, when the user (patient, first line or second line) wants to view results, CoZo queries all care organisations that are linked to the patient. In the background, the Amaron solution captures these queries and communicates with the institution’s information systems. This allows a list of all available documents to be generated. The CoZo user can then access all of these documents.

Recent accomplishments

  • We have received multiple requests to make laboratory results accessible, including in CyberLab. These requests have come from the Heilig Hartziekenhuis in Lier, the Rigo, Bruyland and Maenhout clinical laboratories, and others. Eurofins has asked us to share COVID results from its test centres in Belgian airports via CoZo, too.
  • The DLO Lier and Somedi Outpatient Clinics and the Institute of Tropical Medicine work with Amaron to give CoZo users access to their records.
  • Hospitals using the Millennium EPR from Cerner can also use the Amaron solutions.  At UZA and AZ Sint-Lucas Gent, Amaron acts as a proxy to retrieve information from old subsystems and make it accessible.
  • A number of non-care institutions have called on Amaron to share medical results with CoZo, including trade unions and medical device manufacturers, for example.
  • CoZo itself has asked us to make a connection with Vitalink and all its underlying systems. Vitalink is the Flemish government’s ‘safe’, where care providers store and exchange patient data, including vaccination and medication regimes, medical record summaries, population studies etc.

“CoZo has more than 160 members; each makes independent choices regarding the suppliers they wish to work with for the integration with CoZo. Throughout the years, Amaron has assisted dozens of CoZo members with their integration. I have seen that every one of these integrations, without exception, has been high quality.”

Marco Busschots, Project Leader CoZo

CoZo kaart

CoZo, the Collaboratief Zorgplatform [Collaborative Care Platform], has become Flanders’ largest hub for making medical results accessible.

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Using our many years of experience, we can help you make your results available through CoZo quickly and securely. And we are proud to be an important partner of CoZo.

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