New slogan for Amaron

Connect. Collaborate. Care.

As an attentive reader, you may have already noticed our new slogan: Connect. Collaborate. Care. Why this change?

“Connectivity, or interoperability, has long been Amaron’s focus. Our previous slogan ‘Healthcare IT Integration’ made this clear, but it didn’t go far enough,” says Maurice Van Kerkhoven. “Today, we do so much more, so it was high time to launch a new slogan that better describes and summarises what we now stand for: Connect. Collaborate. Care.”


Interoperability within and beyond the walls of the healthcare organisation remains a key pillar of our portfolio. Our new slogan thus needs a reference to connectivity.


We noticed that there are still many gaps in healthcare that cannot be fixed with connectivity alone. To address this, we developed Workflower, our platform for process automation. Workflower breaks through silos and allows people to work together better, across departments and IT systems.


Our solutions ensure that healthcare workers know exactly which tasks they have to perform, and have all the information they need to do so. This also makes work much more pleasant. The benefits are felt right down to the patient’s bedside.