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Patients are better informed, thanks to cooperation between Spryng and Amaron


With the Workflower Notification Center, healthcare organisations have a powerful, generic solution for sending automated notifications to patients and other stakeholders. To help hospitals and healthcare organisations further increase their efficiency, we have integrated Spryng’s SMS services into the Notification Center.

The healthcare sector is under pressure. Waiting lists are getting longer, appointments are scheduled far in the future, and many healthcare institutions are facing staff shortages. Not only is the cost of a patient not showing up for an appointment high, but in addition, the doctors could have helped someone else during that time.

“Our research shows that SMS reminders generate up to 70% fewer no-shows. With the Workflower Notification Center, organisations can build their own workflows to reduce no-shows. This is just one of the applications of Amaron’s solution. Our SMS service, which is the only one in Europe to be both ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, enables healthcare organisations to communicate, interoperably, effectively and also more securely.”
Naomi Vonk, Country Manager Netherlands at Spryng

In Belgium, four hospitals – AZ Alma Eeklo, AZ Sint-Lucas Gent, AZ Vesalius Tongeren and Jan Yperman Hospital Ypres – have already embedded Spryng’s services in work processes set up with Amaron’s Workflower Notification Center.

AZ Alma automates informing the patient’s contact person

In March 2022, AZ Alma Eeklo launched an initiative that delighted patients, staff and relatives alike. From now on, the designated contact person of a patient undergoing surgery will receive an SMS notification when the patient is back in the room after the procedure. AZ Alma has automated this process with Amaron’s Workflower Notification Center and Spryng’s integrated SMS service.

The result is less pressure on the switchboard, less inconvenience for AZ Alma staff, and relieved reactions among patients’ relatives.

AZ Sint-Lucas in Ghent sends appointment reminders via SMS

Together with Amaron and the EPR vendor, the IT department of AZ Sint-Lucas in Ghent set up a solution for appointment reminders. This solution is based on Amaron’s Workflower Notification Center and Spryng’s SMS services.

AZ Sint-Lucas patients now receive an SMS reminder of their appointment shortly before their examination or consultation. During the COVID-19 period, they also received a second SMS with the COVID measures in place at the hospital.

About Spryng

Spryng provides SMS services for the business market worldwide, with a customer base of over 25,000 customers. In eight years, Spryng has gained a prominent place in the mobile services industry, enabling it to carry out interesting cases together with its customers in many industries. Spryng’s strength lies in SMS services that are offered in a low-threshold and efficient way, and designed to fit the customers’ needs as much as possible. Moreover, security is paramount at Spryng: it is the only SMS provider in Europe with both ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certification.