Amaron accelerates growth with capital injection

Amaron Superhero

To achieve our plans for continued growth both at home and abroad, Amaron has enlisted two investors: HERAN Partners and Active Capital. An initial 2-million-euro capital injection provides us with the oxygen we need to turbocharge our growth plans and substantially expand our workforce. For our customers nothing will change: we will continue focusing on products and services for data integration and process optimisation.

Specialised HealthTech investor HERAN Partners knows the IT landscape of the Health & Care sector inside and out; its well-established network includes many of the sector’s actors. Active Capital on the other hand has extensive experience in supporting and guiding companies through growth phases. Both investors strongly believe that the approach and activities of Amaron are the right way forward, in order to facilitate and accelerate the digitisation of the care sector.

“We are proud to join forces with these investors, who also bring valuable knowledge to the table,” says Maurice Van Kerkhoven, co-founder of Amaron. “Annie Vereecken from HERAN Partners and Jan Heyse from Active Capital will sit on our Board of Directors, to support our growth strategy and the internationalisation of our company.”

Supporting the care sector to optimise limited resources

“This financing gives us the opportunity to spread our wings wider,” adds Tom De Caluwé, co-founder of Amaron. “We will continue to follow our general course of action – focusing on products and services for data integration and process optimisation, which still offer so many growth opportunities. The COVID pandemic, for example, has made painfully clear how important it is for players in the care sector to be able to switch gears quickly, to adapt processes, and to exchange data within and beyond the hospital. With our technology, we can help them to address these issues, and to support their employees in doing more with the limited time and resources available. We absolutely want to carry on down this path. Not only in Belgium, where we have many hospitals as well as private labs as our customers, but also abroad. In the Netherlands and France, for example, we see enormous potential to expand our activities.”

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Maurice en Tom

Maurice Van Kerkhoven (l), Tom De Caluwé (r), founders of Amaron

“In our current HERAN HealthTech Fund I portfolio, we are confronted on a daily basis with the complexity of the IT landscape within the care sector,” explains Annie Vereecken of HERAN Partners. “We are convinced that Amaron is an indispensable link to enable major strides forward in the immense digital challenges within the care landscape. Data creation is expanding exponentially, for every study and for every patient, via an ever-larger assortment of applications and systems. Streamlining and interoperability are crucially important. We are convinced that Amaron, with Tom and Maurice as key driving forces, has a fruitful future ahead, and we are enthusiastically putting our shoulders to the wheel right alongside them!”

“I am very happy to support Amaron’s growth ambitions,” says Jan Heyse of Active Capital. “Amaron has a strong track record, proven and valued expertise, and a range of products and services that can support the company to switch into a higher gear now. I am already looking forward to contributing to Amaron’s further growth into a leading integration and data player in the healthcare sector, in its home market and beyond.”

About HERAN Partners

HERAN Partners is a Belgian investment fund started by Annie Vereecken, Katleen Vandersmissen, Joris Mortelmans and Herman Verrelst. With its wide-ranging network and the unparalleled experience of its partners, HERAN Partners supports European start-ups and scale-ups in the MedTech and Digital Health sectors. In 2020, HERAN Partners launched its first investment fund, HERAN HealthTech Fund I, with a scope of more than 72 million euros and a focus on start-ups and growth companies whose primary work is digitisation and data within the Life Sciences. Other portfolio companies include Ugentec, Ontoforce, IcoMetrix, PharmaFluidics, Lynxcare and FOx BioSystems.

About Active Capital

Active Capital was established in 2020 by Jan Heyse. As an independent investor, Active Capital aims to support entrepreneurs and management teams from growing companies with financing as well as by playing an active role as a sounding board for management, in the continued professionalisation of the enterprise, and in the development of company strategy. Active Capital focuses on a limited number of investments in which it can make an impact, while at the same time bringing added value to the implementation of the growth plans of its investees.