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Help, the patient is not known!

Unknown patient

Imagine for a moment that a dentist refers one of her patients to a maxillofacial surgeon in your hospital. The dentist provides the medical data for this patient to the surgeon via 
eHealthBox. The patient has never been in your hospital before, and his national registry number is not known either. How do you then link the data with the medical record and make sure that the surgeon has access to the patient’s data?

To make this possible, we have developed a Workflower process called ‘Unknown patient’. This process supports two scenarios:

  1. The national registry number was not included with the referral. Based on the available identification data, Workflower initiates a process (via tasks) to link the referral to a known patient in the hospital’s patient record or hospital information system.
  2. The national registry number is known, but the patient does not yet have a hospital ID. Workflower stores the request and the accompanying patient information in a buffer and ensures that the national registry number and the patient ID are linked to one another when the new ID is created (via an A01 message), for example when the patient presents himself at the hospital.

In both cases, the documents supplied are uploaded into the medical file. The surgeon receives the information she needs. This way, the patient does not have to repeat her story again when he arrives at the hospital.

Would you like more information about this Workflower process?

Then please contact Sindy Vranckx (sindy@amaron.be or call 0495 79 00 24), or visit the Workflower page on this website.