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Ghent University Hospital, supported by Amaron and Aucxis, has developed a proof-of-concept for the blood transfusion process in the emergency room

UZ Gent Bloedtransfusieproces

In collaboration with the Belgian Red Cross blood bank, the emergency department of Ghent University Hospital, together with Amaron and Aucxis, has developed a proof-of-concept for ordering and tracing blood products and monitoring blood transfusions. Amaron provides support for the processes with Workflower, while Aucxis integrates track & trace technology into the solution.




The result?

  • Communication between the emergency room and the blood bank is better coordinated.
  • All steps in the process are completely transparent: from the initial blood product request to the final validation by the physician. Patient safety remains paramount.
  • It is clear at any time who has taken what action and when, so that mistakes and time-wasting activities can be avoided.
  • The proposed solution is scalable, and can also be used in other departments or with other blood administration procedures.


What do the users think?

“In the emergency department, we require the solution to enable us to receive information at the bedside quickly, and to exchange data on the status of the process. Built-in checks must minimise the risk of errors, while giving us an overview of who has done what, and when. This allows us to identify and fix weak spots in our procedures.”

Steve D’hoker, Head nurse, Emergency department

“Automating the process ensures an even-better coordination between the emergency department and the blood bank laboratory. The laboratory can see remotely how quickly the blood products delivered are being consumed, and anticipate additional patient needs. This offers considerable time savings.

Moreover, the process automation ensures strong communication between the two departments, without staff having to contact each other by telephone. They can use their time for patient care on the one hand, and on preparing the blood products on the other.

Valerie Pede, Manager at the Red Cross blood bank


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