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Oost-Limburg Hospital uses Workflower for the onboarding of physicians


The list of data and documents a hospital maintains for its (independent) physicians is long. These include personal data, the curriculum vitae and the diploma, the certificate of registration in the Order of Physicians, their national number (RIZIV/INAMI in Belgium), diplomas and certificates, professional liability insurance etc.

When new physicians were appointed, the legal department and management assistants of Hospital Oost-Limburg (ZOL) collected all this information via e-mail, text files or on paper. The employees kept records of which documents had already been collected in a spreadsheet. By means of e-mails, they reminded the physicians to submit the missing documents. In parallel, they also contacted their colleagues in the other departments to initiate the necessary onboarding activities. A time-consuming process with a significant risk of error and oversights. 




Together with Amaron, ZOL has developed a solution to streamline all the steps in this process. The entire flow of data and document collection and the accompanying onboarding activities are arranged in a number of sub-processes, each one controlled by Workflower.

The staff members of the legal department and the management assistants can now work in a structured way to make sure that all the steps involved in the appointment of a new physician are followed, and they can monitor this process using well-organized task lists. The other departments involved in onboarding – IT, HR, badge management and communication – now also automatically receive the data they need to perform their tasks. This way they can start the process much earlier.

The fact that this is a great solution for the automation of the process, where possible, did not go unnoticed by JCI. During a recent audit, the auditor remarked that this was the best case he had ever seen for this type of workflow.

What do the users think?

“Hospital-wide, we can carefully monitor the status of the physicians’ personal files. When a physician asks if his or her file is complete, we can now check this centrally and very quickly, using the Workflower reporting capabilities (export to Excel). If a certificate is missing, we immediately know which one.”

Rebecca Hilderson, Medical Department staff member

“With Workflower we can easily tick off which documents we have received. This also leads to fewer errors than when we used a spreadsheet for this purpose. And if a colleague is absent, we can easily take over each other’s tasks.”

> Linda Thijs, Management Assistant



How it works

  •  When the medical department addresses a letter to the board of directors and the executive board asking to appoint a physician, the legal department initiates the process of collecting all the necessary information and documents.
  • After the physician has submitted the basic documents, more precisely, the information document containing personal data and the document authorising the Legal Department to verify the sources, a series of sub-processes are initiated:
    • The legal department is assigned a task to verify the resources.
    • The management assistant uses a Workflower form to follow up on which documents have been submitted. An automatically generated e-mail, sent by clicking on a link in the form reminds the physician which documents must still be submitted before he or she can sign the contract.
    • The legal department is assigned the task to create a contract and to submit it to the physician for signing.
    • The physician’s personal data as well as the type of contract and the accompanying functions are immediately registered in the physician’s management system.
    • Information registered in this system automatically flows to the application that creates a log-in and password. By way of another task, the management assistant checks whether the physician has completed the necessary training to obtain a log-in and password.
  • Workflower also ensures the smooth flow of data to other applications, such as:
    • the badge management application;
    • the who-is-who section on the Intranet;
    • the system that handles the administrative follow-up of the training courses to be followed by the physicians;
    • the hospital’s emergency plan, which is supplemented monthly with data from the physicians on active duty so that it is always up to date.
  • After the physician has signed the contract, the finance department will be assigned a task to create the necessary financial codes based on the physician’s data. Once these codes are entered in the Workflower form, they will automatically be transmitted to the physician’s management system.
  • After the onboarding process is complete, Workflower continues to monitor whether all the documentation remains complete and up to date. When the accreditation or the liability insurance expires, the physician automatically receives a reminder via e-mail asking for him or her to submit a new document.


  • Data does not need to be re-entered and is automatically exchanged with the other systems in the hospital.
  • Workflower provides automatic follow-up of missing documentation and sends a reminder when a document must be renewed.
  • The risk of errors or of actions being forgotten is reduced significantly.
  • The management assistants, the legal department and all the other departments involved all save a lot of time.
  • The physician can start to work with peace of mind, because everything was put in order in good time.


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