Amaron migrates old (and expensive!) EAI solutions to Mirth Connect

A future-proof communication environment does not necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. Amaron has proven this on several occasions by migrating existing EAI solutions to Mirth Connect (NextGen Healthcare). Emmaus Mechelen, ASZ Aalst and the Sint-Trudo Hospital in Sint Truiden, among others, can certainly testify to this.

Enterprise application integration (EAI) is responsible for managing the exchange of data between information systems. In healthcare organizations, a solution like this is the ‘circulatory system’, as it were, that drives administrative and care-related flows.

There is no doubt that this communication environment must be stable, manageable and future-oriented. Many hospitals have invested heavily in this, but sometimes the costs really do rise sky-high.

Looking to keep the price tag of your EAI under control?

Then go ahead and count on Amaron’s common sense. First, we carry out an analysis, then we take care of the migration, and finally we continue to guide you by way of a tailor-made support contract.