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Hospitals share patient records across national borders

The ZorgSaam Hospital in Zeeland (NL) works closely with care organizations in Belgium, including Ghent university hospital, AZ Maria Middelares and other healthcare centers in the CoZo network. ZorgSaam wants to make things as easy as possible for patients who cross the national border for a consultation or treatment, as well as for their care providers. Against this backdrop, it is essential that the Belgian healthcare organizations can easily access the medical patient data and images from ZorgSaam, and vice versa.

Together with CoZo, ZorgSaam completed the first phase of this project in 2017. As a result, the care providers from ZorgSaam can now use CoZo from their own EPR to gain access to the medical information from the Belgian institutions for the patients they refer.

In order to make the medical information from the ZorgSaam patients accessible to the Belgian institutions (phase 2 of the project), ZorgSaam worked together with Enovation and Amaron to set up an XDS system. ZorgSaam was familiar with both suppliers and had confidence in the successful realization of this new cross-border application. A solution like this was not yet available and had to be developed.

At the beginning of June 2019, the solution was deployed in production. Via their CoZo platform, Belgian healthcare providers now have access, under certain conditions, to clinical chemistry results, medical microbiology results, pathology reports and radiology reports. And recently, the medical images from ZorgSaam have also become easily accessible.

Translation of messages and documents

Amaron not only translates these messages, but it also translates a number of documents in the XDS environment, for example laboratory results, so that the care providers can easily consult them in CoZo.

If a physician in Belgium now requests data for a Dutch patient in CoZo, this question, expressed as a (Belgian) KMEHR message, is translated into an IHE XDS query which is then forwarded to the XDS platform. The response from the XDS environment is then translated back into KMEHR messages which are returned to the CoZo backend.

Strict conditions

Access to medical information by healthcare providers is only possible under strict conditions. For example, the patient must have granted valid consent for this access, and the validated Dutch BSN number (i.e. the national patient number in the Netherlands) must be registered in the administrative systems of the Belgian institutions.

“The cooperation with Amaron has been very smooth. The Amaron employees were easily accessible, and our questions were addressed quickly and seriously. The healthcare providers are delighted with the new possibilities. And, in the meantime, we have already received the first requests for the expansion of the solution and the inclusion of even more information.”

Bert van Broekhoven, ICT Department staff member, ZorgSaam

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