New: Workflower apps – quick and easy deployment for every care organisation


Every hospital has its own unique, organisation-specific work processes. But at the same time, there are processes that are nearly identical across different facilities. Workflower applications that have been created to manage these processes in one hospital, can thus be effortlessly implemented in others.

We are now offering these as individual packages, so that every care organisation can enjoy the benefits of our “Workflower apps” without reinventing the wheel.

Your Workflower app will be up and running very quickly, enabling your employees to work more efficiently with fewer manual tasks.

The first Workflower apps ready to support you are:

  • Vaccination Registration: quickly and accurately record employee vaccinations and, as an extension, patient vaccinations.
  • Automatic Patient/Contact Creation: automatically create patients and/or contacts in the case of external orders, such as external requests for laboratory tests.
  • Infection Prevention: automate the entire infection prevention process, from assigning isolation tasks to performing follow-up screenings.
  • Patient Notifications: reduce patient no-shows at the outpatient clinic by sending text message reminders of their appointments.
  • COVID Testing Lane: facilitate smooth processing at COVID triage posts along with the automatic transfer of relevant data to the Sciensano contact tracing database.
  • National Registry consultation: use the National Register Number to automatically retrieve the correct patient personal data from the National Register and the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises register.

Over the next few months, more Workflower apps will make their debut. We will present them to you individually in our newsletters.

How are the Workflower apps designed?

Workflower apps generally comprise various components. They are all based on a process that we have implemented with Workflower. But the added value of these apps is even greater when you integrate them into your existing IT systems and/or with the government’s eHealth platforms via Amaron’s Connect platform.

What are the benefits of Workflower apps?

  1. Quick and easy to deploy:
    Your Workflower app will be up and running quickly, enabling your employees to work more efficiently with fewer manual tasks.
  2. Well-thought-out process:
    There’s no need to first define a process and then convert it into a useful application: we’ve done that for you.
  3. Quick return on investmentes:
    You only pay for the package: there are no other license fees or costs for separate modules and components.
  4. Automatic flow of data:
    Workflower apps integrate with the Amaron Connect platform (EAI), for a smooth flow of data to and from your hospital’s existing information systems (HIS, EPR, etc.) and the data platforms of federal and regional authorities (in Belgium: eHealth, Vaccinnet, etc.).
  5. Insight:
    With a complete audit trail and handy overview lists, you can easily track events and actions, when they happened, which tasks are still open, etc.
  6. Easy to scale up:
    Your investment is future-proof. The app provides you with a solid foundation that you can easily extend to other Workflower apps and processes that you can implement throughout your healthcare facility.
  7. Build processes yourself:
    Once you have mastered Workflower, you may want to tackle even more medical or administrative workflows and build customised processes yourself with Workflower. That, too, is perfectly possible.

Are you interested in enjoying the benefits of the Workflow apps? Would you like us to send you a quote?