General connectivity

Are you looking for a solution for a complex integration project in healthcare?

Medical imaging

Do you want to make images available in your medical record or outside the walls of the hospital? Or migrate an image archive to a new PACS or VNA?


Do you want to efficiently and seamlessly participate in national and regional services developed by eHealth?
(only available in Belgium)

Process integration

Do you want to coordinate workflows across various domains, disciplines and IT systems?
(only available in Belgium and the Netherlands)


Workflower streamlines internal ordering for one-off purchases at AZ Nikolaas

Your laptop is breaking down and you urgently need a new one. The supply of insulin pumps is almost depleted. The medication refrigerator…
26 February 2018/by amaron

Sint-Lucas hospital in Ghent automates eBirth registrations

Maternity ward nurses are dedicated to giving new mothers and their new-born babies the best care. Part of this includes dealing…
26 February 2018/by amaron
UZ Gent Bloedtransfusieproces

Ghent University Hospital, supported by Amaron and Aucxis, has developed a proof-of-concept for the blood transfusion process in the emergency room

In collaboration with the Belgian Red Cross blood bank, the emergency department of Ghent University Hospital, together with Amaron and Aucxis, has developed…
26 February 2018/by amaron
Amaron and Vanad Enovation sign collaboration agreement

Amaron strengthens collaboration with VANAD Enovation

On 30 November 2017, Amaron and Dutch company VANAD Enovation signed a cooperation agreement. The companies will join forces on two fronts: VANAD Enovation…
19 December 2017/by amaron

Cerner signs contract with Amaron for the integration of its EHR with eHealth

We’re proud to announce that Amaron has entered into partnership with Cerner, a global leading healthcare technology company. Both companies are cooperating…
2 October 2017/by amaron

HL7 launches FHIR release 3

In March 2017, HL7 published the new FHIR Release 3 specification. It is the result of a lot of investment by the FHIR community, with hundreds of people…
17 April 2017/by amaron

Emmaüs hospital creates stable, controllable and budget-friendly communication environment with Mirth

Communication between different applications – both administrative and healthcare – was often fraught with difficulties for the hospitals of the Emmaüs…
20 March 2017/by amaron

Sint-Rembert and Sint-Augustinus hospitals share powerful MRI scanner… and Amaron takes care of the interfaces

In July, two Belgian hospitals – Sint-Rembert hospital in Torhout and Sint-Augustinus hospital in Veurne – jointly put into service a 6000-kg MRI with…
20 March 2017/by amaron
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We constantly strive to be an extension of your organisation. In close consultation with you, we look for the most suitable solution, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.


Our team develops a solution tailored to your organisation and helps you roll it out in the best possible way, on time and within the budget.


We organise various training courses:
Training for application managers
Training for end users
Advanced technical training
(for IT employees)
Do you need a specific training? We can do that too.


Once our solution is operational within your organisation, we can also offer technical support. Is there a problem with the system or the developed interfaces that you can’t manage? If so, don’t hesitate to call our support team.


Amaron is the absolute number 1 provider in Belgium when it comes to connectivity in the healthcare sector. In the Netherlands and France too, more and more hospitals and service providers in the healthcare sector are seeing the advantages of Amaron. Thanks to their experience and expertise, in close cooperation with your organisation, the Amaron team can implement projects faster with better results and on a smaller budget.